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Quick Couplings

Pneumaticpneumatic quick coupling

Pneumatic couplings, also referred to as single shut-off (SSO) couplings, are typically used in compressed air applications to connect air tools, equipment and hoses. Additional applications include other gases and low pressure liquids. Parker pneumatic couplings are offered in a wide range of interchanges, sizes, materials, ports and other options to satisfy most every pneumatic application.

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hydraulic quick couplingHydraulic Couplings

Wide variety of designs each tailored to a particular application. Based on valving, hydraulic couplings generally are either Double Shut-Off or Straight-Thru. Double Shut-Off couplings contain shut-off valves in both halves, body and nipple. Used extensively when loss of fluid is undesirable. Straight-Thru couplings have no valves in either half and are ideal for maximum flow applications.

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Quick Coupling SwivelsSwivels

PS Series ideal for an array of dynamic high pressure applications. The S Series Swivel product line complements the Quick Coupling Division's PS Series swivel line by offering a pressure balanced, compact forged body design.

Check Valves

Unidirectional flow control devices used primarily in hydraulic systems to eliminate potential damage caused by fluid back pressure. Configurations include standard in-line, cartridge style, and split-flange mounting units.

Diagnostic Products

Parker's Diagnostic equipment can identify hard-to-detect variations in pressure, temperature, and flow quickly and easily.

  • SensoControl® Products
  • Test Port / Fluid Sampling Couplings