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Thermoplastic Tubing & Hose

SAE 100R7 thermoplastic hoseParflex thermoplastic, hybrid and PTFE hose products cover the full range of industrial fluid transfer applications. Our hoses are available in a wide choice of core tube materials, reinforcement designs and outer covers to meet specific pressure, temperature and other performance requirements. Specialty hoses are also available - please contact the division for more information.

Thermoplastic Hose

  • SAE 100R7 Type Thermoplastic Hose
  • Material Handling Thermoplastic Hose
  • Sewer-Cleaning Thermoplastic Hose
  • SAE 100R8 Type Thermoplastic Hose
  • Low-Pressure Hydraulic Thermoplastic Hose
  • Breathing Air Thermoplastic Hose
  • Wire Braided Thermoplastic Hose
  • ColorGard Thermoplastic Hose
  • Carpet Cleaning Thermoplastic Hose
  • Non-Conductive Thermoplastic Hose
  • Diagnostic Thermoplastic Hose
  • Marine Thermoplastic Hose
  • Natural Gas Thermoplastic Hose
  • Twin-Line and Multi-Line Thermoplastic Hose
  • Pure Water Thermoplastic Hose
  • Hose Bundles Thermoplastic Hose
  • Low Expansion Thermoplastic Hose


  • Flexible Metal Hoses
  • Smooth Bore PTFE Hose
  • Convoluted PTFE Hose

Hybrid Hose

  • Firescreen®
  • Firescreen II®
  • 3000 psi Constant Working Pressure
  • E-Z Flex®
  • Eliminator®

Twin-line and mulit-line thermoplastic hoseMultitube®

Parker Mulititube® Instrument and Heat Trace Tubing products are available in a variety of configurations. Tube bundle variations include thermoplastic tubing, copper, stainless steel and other exotic alloys, jacket materials and colors -- all available to meet customer specifications.

Instrument, Control ad Preinsulated Tubing

  • Single Line Metal
  • Multitube® - Metal & Plastic
  • Multitube® - Armored Plastic
  • Temptube®
  • Temptrace™ - Heavy & Light Steam Trace
  • Temptrace™ - Analyzer
  • Temptrace™ - Electric

Thermoplastic Tubing

Parflex Thermoplastic TubinParflex thermoplastic tubing meets FDA/NSF and other high-purity requirements. Properties include flexibility over a broad temperature range plus resistance to chemicals, corrosive acids and hot water.

  • Polyethylene Tubing
  • Polyurethane Tubing
  • Nylon Tubing
  • Polypropylene Tubing
  • Clear Vinyl Tubing
  • Self-Retracting Air Hose

polyflex ultra high pressure thermoplastic hosePolyflex® Fittings

Ultra high pressure thermoplastic hose and fittings are available for a wide variety of applications including hydraulics pressure testing, oil field services, water blasting and water jet cutting.

  • Hose Assemblies
  • Valves, Fittings & Tubing
  • NPT Fittings
  • Quick Disconnect Couplings
  • Anti-Gall Lubricant
  • High Pressure Hydraulic
  • Oil Field Service Hoses