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Tube, Pipe & Metric Fittings

Parker manufactures the Triple-Lok fitting (37° Flare), Ferulok fitting (Flareless), Intru-lok fitting (Brass Flareless), EO fitting (Metric Flareless), Seal-Lok fitting (O-ring Face Seal), Pipe adapters and JIS fittings, making up the broadest line of tube fittings in the industry. Manufactured with NPTF, SAE straight threads, BSPP, BSPT, metric and flange ports.

In the U.S., Parker tube fittings are manufactured at their four plants in western Ohio, stocked in .columbus, and are the choice of OEM and MRO customers throughout the world.

The Tube Fittings Division forges its products from the best materials available to assure strength and durability. For example, tube nuts are "cold-formed" from quality materials for close grained toughness. The result is a fitting with total reliability - a fitting that can stand up to years of severe service.

Parker forgings begins with solid metal extruded in round bars cut to random lengths. The bars are then cut again into shorter lengths (slugs), reheated to pliability and precisely pressed between upper and lower die cavities at a pressure of approximately 25,000 pounds per square inch to form a forged blank. After cooling, the flashing (extraneous metal pressed flat outside the die cavity) is trimmed away and the forged blank is ready for machining.

Forming under such extreme pressure produces two critical advantages for Parker tube fittings:

  1. Extreme strength, a result of a uniformly dense material
  2. High-impact resistance to mechanical shock and vibration, due to an uninterrupted gain flow along the contour of the fitting.

Both bar stock and forged shapes are machined by state-of-the-art equipment into finished tube fittings that meet or exceed global standards, such as SAE, MS and ISO.

Specialized machining operations are used to enhance the quality of Parker tube fittings. For example, threads are manufactured from a rolling process, providing greater strength, in addition to a smoother surface that results in lower assembly friction.

Steel fittings are zinc plated and then gold chromated on a new state-of-the-art plating line providing corrosion protection equal to or exceeding SAE and ISO standards. This process is also more environmentally friendly than other plating methods. Stainless steel fittings are passivated and aluminum fittings are annodized or alodined.

Special process include: A dry-film torque-reducing coating for stainless steel nuts and zinc phosphating, a corrosion resistant coating for steel SAE flareless fittings.